Insurers went online a long time ago, but one of the major challenges has been creating an online experience that can handle the relatively complex insurance “form-filling” process.

Many insurers have managed to drive consumers online, but a major problem has been the drop-off by consumers as they grapple with the online journey. Several insurers have now deployed sophisticated analytics packages to help them understand online user behaviour and exactly where the challenges are.

We at Fospha are trying to solve this problem. Our clients, a number of large insurers, have used the Fospha toolset to much more accurately track exactly how users behave on different parts of the online journey, and where the “problem points” are that cause users to give up their application.

Changes can then be rapidly made to improve those experience, and other “problem points” identified that continuously and further improve the online journey. In fact, our clients have reported 20% improvements in conversion, and we recently published a case study covering what one client had managed to do.

Download the case study here.

Fospha CEO Jonathan Attwood has over 20 years’ experience working with a number of major retail businesses in both the UK and in Silicon Valley in the US.

Jonathan was in charge of Fospha’s acquisition of iJento earlier this year in March and has since streamlined the company focus towards customer journey optimisation by analysing client’s forms and funnels.